Our Patterns


From chasing turkeys in the spring to pursuing whitetails in the fall, Gum Bottom will keep you hidden. The bark pattern blends seamlessly into any tree and makes you fade from the sight of game. This all-season pattern is exactly what you need the next time you head to hunting camp.


From the wheat fields of Saskatchewan to the marshes of Louisiana, Post-Harvest disappears in any cropland or marsh. The contrast of the golden corn and black shadows makes a hunter disappear from the whistling wings above. Never before has there been a waterfowl pattern as realistic as Bald Cypress Post-harvest.


Slough was designed for the harsh winter months, when all of the green life has been taken out of the forest. Slough blends with any tree during this time and is sure to keep your outline hidden from whatever prey you are after. Choose this pattern to go undetected next time you go out chasing that buck of a lifetime.